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Company in Imbersago researches TEAM LEADER CALL CENTER. It's a highly focused position to ensure a service-oriented and professional working environment by supervising the performance of team members and executing necessary actions for their motivation when required. Team Leaders are knowledgeable of all reporting aspects, communications terminology and technology, and organizational procedures.
Duties and Responsibilities:
- Motivating and inspiring the team to surpass their potential
- Improving the team and facilitating the communication among the members of team
- Exceeding and meeting departmental objectives, including conversion targets, and lead generation
- Creating sense of ownership within the employees and resolving employee issues
- Looking constantly for development and continuous improvement for the entire team
- Monitoring, organizing, and coaching team on a day-to-day basis
- Communicating the company's purpose, core values, vision to the front employees
- Ensuring that the employees follow their schedules properly as designed
- Striving for new ways continually, to increase efficiency
- Handling escalated calls, complaints, questions, and queries as necessary
- Facilitating cross-functional communication within employeesand virtual Teams
- Creating a conducive work environment for all the call center's employees
- Carrying out team meetings and actively participating in the monthly and weekly meetings
- Documenting general reports on each team member's performance and targets as well as ensuring that they exceed the targets
Skills and Specifications:
- Strong knowledge of customer care techniques and processes
- Exceptional analytical and listening skills
- Ability to operate well in a call center team environment
- Flexibility to work extended hours and stretch targets
- Natural flair for coaching, motivating, and interacting with people
Education and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree in administration, commerce, management or any related field from an accredited institution
- Experience in call center activities
The people concerned can effect their autocandidature from the site www.leccolavoro.it attaching c.v. This candidacy is directly addressed to the firm. The candidates that can't apply for this announcement on-line, can contact Centro per l'Impiego di Lecco, C.so Matteotti 3/b, 23900 Lecco - Tel. 0341/295587 quoting rif. int. 1678 within 15/10/2012. This announcement can be removed in case of a considerable number of autocandidatures.
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